About the Department of Studies


Department of Studies is part of Aristotle University’s Directorate for the Coordination of Academic Units. Its responsibility is to maintain a complete and updated record of all legislation (laws, ministerial decisions and circulars) pertaining to undergraduate and postgraduate studies and to coordinate its uniform implementation. Also, it is responsible for the completion of all proceedings under current legislation on education, issues the Special Master Scholars and the subjects of foreign students.


  • Coordinates and implements Aristotle University’s Scholarships for Foreign Students Program in accordance with the Scholarships Regulation
  • Maintains a reference library with information regarding scholarships, grants, bursaries, prizes, contests, seminars, student employment, student summer schools abroad.
  • Collects and processes data regarding student population of all categories (registered, active, undergraduate, postgraduate, scholarship holders). These statistics are available to all interested parties, both within or outside the University, upon request.
  • Gathers accommodation notices by private house and studio owners, which then lists and advertises through the internet for use by students. This service is available from mid-August to the end of October.
  • Compiles, edits and circulates orientation brochures & pamphlets
  • Maintains & updates an index of all Master’s Programs running in Aristotle University.
  • Participates in academic fairs both home and abroad
  • Carries out guidance seminars for organized high-school visits.
  • Operates as an information point for Aristotle University by guiding the public through its Departments, Services and Academic Programs


The Department of Studies is located at the ground floor of the Administration Building (K. Karatheodori), right next to the University’s Main Hall