How to Complete your Application

The application is available in electronic form for your convenience. Use this form, and this form only, as in many cases misinterpretations of candidate’s intent and subsequently delays, have occurred, particularly when the application is not originally submitted with all the supporting documents.  Application forms other than the one provided by the Department of Studies particularly for this scholarship are not acceptable and will be automatically disregarded

If you already know some Greek and wish to fill in your application in the Greek Language it is nevertheless essential that you fill in your name and family name/surname in Latin characters.

Type or hand-complete in small capitals your application for better and more accurate reading/processing. Be careful only where the information you provide is case-sensitive (e.g. email address) 

Be extra careful when you fill in your name against your family name/surname and put each one in its corresponding place. Sometimes it is impossible to discern the name from the family name/surname (e.g. in Arabic names) and therefore the appropriate authorities (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Greek diplomatic authorities abroad, regarding visa) are misinformed OR it is impossible to identify supporting documents to the candidate’s application.

Citizenship and passport number are very important for those in need of a visa to come to Greece. If you have dual citizenship/two passports please fill in the one under which you are going to travel to Greece. 

Candidates that hold positions as teachers, university staff, translators, especially of the Greek language, must certify this claim on their application by according documentation issued by the appropriate employer (e.g. school, university, embassy et.c.) 

Put in a correspondence address ONLY in cases your studies or your work placement is away from your place of residence, e.g when working or studying abroad. Please note that this must be an address “active” at least until July 15th. Candidates on an alternate list can be invited at a very short notice and quite late in the summer. If you are not sure about your place of residence during the summer, better to enter only your permanent address. Also make extra notice that if you are in need of a visa, the Department of Studies will notify the Greek diplomatic authorities at your country of ORIGIN and not of your country of residence (work/study). It is your responsibility to make necessary arrangements from there on.  

Be very careful when filling in your address. Put in the right order: the street, number, city, postal code. Do not forget any of it! Use again Latin characters and small capitals. It is not rare that your invitation from our Department will be misplaced due to wrong address or illegible writing. 

The same rules apply for your e-mail address. Provide an address which is valid and corresponds to an active email account. The account must be reliable since certain providers disregard or block bulk mailings. The Department of Studies invites successful candidates initially by e-mail to confirm their acceptance before sending out official invitations and also uses e-mail correspondence in cases where an urgent response is necessary.  Please enter the same e-mail address to all your correspondence with the Department of Studies since multiple accounts are quite confusing.

When mentioning your academic status make sure that what you claim on your application is supported by the documents you submit with it. 

If you need more space to refer to the reasons why you took interest in this Program you may do so on a covering letter or in your CV

If you have had a scholarship in the past for studies or research or for a relevant Course, make a point in filling in the title of the awarding authority and not only the place/institution/University where this Course has taken place. 

Don’t forget to check which of the required documents you put in with your application, sign and date your application, attach your photo and you are set to go!

It is your responsibility to provide correct, detailed and valid information on your application. This information is processed by the Department of Studies for reasons of correspondence, student visa, room reservation, grant payment, certificate of attendance by the School of Modern Greek Language.