The University Student Club/Food Services

The University Student Club is an independent legal persona and is housed in a separate building situated on the eastern side of the campus. It provides a refectory, a medical service, a snack bar and a hair-dressers shop. The Student Club is responsible for the catering, accommodation, and medical care of the students of Aristotle University and the University of Macedonia. Additionally, it supports the organization of artistic, cultural, sports and other events, houses a music department and a choir.

Today it provides food services to over 12.000 students and two small rooms where members of the staff can also use the food service. Free food service is provided to all undergraduate and postgraduate students who are not graduates of any other university or technological institute and do not have a high income themselves or their families (as shown on the tax form), are of Greek descent, Cypriots, foreign students who have been granted a scholarship and other categories of students under certain conditions.

The Student Club is been upgraded with the extension of the kitchen services, the renovation of the existing facilities and the implementation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, that is, hazard analysis and control of critical areas) under the supervision of the Hellenic Food Authority (E.F.E.T.). HACCP is a system which ensures the production of safe food. This is achieved by means of prevention in the food production process where potential physical, chemical or biological hazards might exist.

In the Student Club there is also Counseling and Psychiatric Services that provide 
assistance, free of charge, to all students. These services are by appointment only every Monday and Thursday from 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning throughout the academic year (September-June).


Secretariat, tel: 2310.99.2612
Catering Service: 2310.99.2623
Medical Service: 2310.99.2642
fax 2310.20.7432