I am currently away from my place of study. How can I get my student certificate/reference letters?

You can arrange that these are mailed separately to the Department of Studies and we will take care to attach them to your application.
Regarding reference letters in particular, since it is often the case that there is geographical distance between the candidate and the author, they may be sent via e-mail, provided that:

- as original handsigned letter, they are scanned, attached and directly sent to the Department of Studies
- as original digitally signed letters, they are directly sent to the Department of Studies
- as email messages (body of text), they are directly sent to the Department of Studies, as long as the sender has a digital signature with his/her email provider

In case of email deliveries, a) the sender's address must be identifiable, b) the subject of the message must bear clear indication to the purpose of the correspondence, c) the Department of Studies is notified in advance by the candidate regarding this correspondence (ATTACHMENTS FROM UNKNOWN SENDERS ARE DELETED WITHOUT BEING READ)
Student certificates that are digitally issued by default, may be sent electronically, provided they are digitally signed by the issuing body. Their submission follows the rules mentioned above regarding references.
Do note that electronic submission is a compliment reserved for special cases and abuse will not be tolerated.