Can I have a single room with WC and A/C?

The Department of Studies has no obligation to housing scholarship-holders. However, because we realize the difficulties of finding suitable accommodation at reasonable prices from a distance, we take the liberty of EITHER pre-booking on your behalf rooms at the Student Residences of Thessaloniki OR provide you with a list of private student studios within the city of Thessaloniki. Facilities vary according to type of accommodation and depend upon cost and availability. Rooms at the various types of accommodation are allocated to students according to the order in which their availability occurs, the student’s initial request and the order by which the students confirm their attendance to the Course. On the other hand, it is not rare that an accommodation reservation may not be at all possible and you must bear this in mind, when accepting the offer of the scholarship. The cost of accommodation bears entirely on the scholarship-holders and it is essential that they carry out responsibly.

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