I feel a bit let down by the room/studio that you have reserved for me. There are necessary things missing/Things aren’t working as they were supposed to. What can be done?

The Department of Studies makes every effort to describe, in the best possible way, the provisions and amenities offered by the different types of accommodation available and has no responsibility for any shortcomings that might occur. Indeed, problems or failings may arise that could or could not be taken care of relatively easily and speedily during your stay. This also depends on the type of accommodation. In general, you should know that all types of accommodation, either Student Residences or private studios, are not within the authority of the Department of Studies in order for a forceful intervention to be possible or at all feasible. A good advice would be to clarify in advance, in direct contact with the accommodation manager whose details you will be informed about, what are the provisions that you consider fundamental according to your needs, what is included in the price and what can be offered on the side and at what cost.

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